Landscape and Construction

If you push on the right side of the shelves they swing open and expose the space.  The bookshelf door stays shut with magnets, but it would be very easy to add a hidden lock, or even incorporate a door release into a knickknack or book sitting on the shelf.  The clients are using the space for storage at this point, but we did finish it out and added an A/C supply so it can be transformed into any comfortable space in the future.

This secret room behind the bookshelf door was really fun.  The clients had a large attic space that was only accessible by dropping down into it from the attic above.  Below the space was a study with a box beam ceiling, so a pull down would not work.  The other problem was that the only spot to place a standard door was at the top of the stairs, which would have looked out of place.  I have always wanted to do a "secret room" with a hidden door and that became the answer to the problem.  From all vantage points, this is just a built in bookshelf at the top of the stairs. 

I always try to place the kitchen sink in front of a window or looking out into the house if at all possible.  In this particular kitchen that was not an option without major plumbing reconfigurations.  We made the most of the situation and dressed up the backsplash as one would behind a cooktop.  The pencil tile framing breaks up the different tile patterns and mimics the shape of the missing window.  As for the commercial faucet, the clients wanted an easy way to bathe their dogs in the sink.  It works great for pots and pans as well.


These clients wanted a "coffee bar" area, but on the other side of the room from the sink.  Normally pot filler fixtures are over a cooktop, but in this situation I used one to fill coffee pots.  I also added a water filtration system for it in the cabinets below.